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Graphic design

The Nutcracker Fund of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

A new brand image to promote a noble, essential mission

The Mandate

The development, funding and events team of Montreal’s Les Grands Ballets entrusted Prospek with a crucial mandate for the future of the Nutcracker Fund. Established in 1997, the Nutcracker Fund’s mission is to offer inclusive access to the arts, particularly to underprivileged children. The Fund offers an educational program to share the magic of art and creativity together with this iconic ballet production that inspires it. Prospek's mandate was to bring the Nutcracker Fund's visual identity up to speed and mark a new step in its noble mission.

The Solution

To fulfill this mandate, we embarked on an approach that’s both creative and strategic, inspired by the very essence of the Nutcracker Fund: the clientele who benefit from its services. It quickly became apparent that the solution had to preserve the organization's values of inclusion and democratization together with the wonder generated by creativity and imagination. We settled on a playful, original artistic direction that reflects the Nutcracker’s timeless magic and its commitment to the community.

The Result

The Nutcracker Fund's visual identity now represents a new step in its noble mission, with its captivating visual transformation accentuated by a new logo that features a lively, dynamic typography evoking the movement of an intuitive dance. Beyond aesthetics, this artistic direction captures the essence of the Fund, aligning it with the values of inclusion and sharing art. The visual identity’s vitality strengthens the bond with the audience and better reflects the Fund’s work, whether it’s supporting educational programs or refurbishing the costumes and sets for the Nutcracker production. Through these reimagined visual elements, the Nutcracker Fund is now tooled up to continue its mission and perpetuate the Nutcracker’s magic in the hearts of the community.

"Contributing to the redefinition of the identity of a cultural gem like the Nutcracker Fund of Les Grands Ballets is a tremendous source of pride for us. Every creative endeavour in this brand’s modernization resonates as a declaration of commitment to the nobility of its mission: Educational workshops held throughout the fall at foundations and schools in underprivileged communities. In every reimagined line, there echoes the resonance of a heritage preserved and a renewed promise to the artistic imaginings of future generations."

Ève-Line Leduc
Partner and Vice-President

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