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Little agency. Major league player.

Prospek is a family of professionals who dream big. We believe in excellence in our field and sharing our know-how so that everybody excels, from new players on our roster to the top scorers. Together, we strive to maintain a climate that fosters innovation, creativity and generosity. With a foundation like this, we always take the projects we hold dear as far as we dream they can go.


Both parties require excellence and respect for our mutual expectations. What's great for you is great for us.


We never stop learning new tricks and new tech, and we keep up to speed on industry bests to stay ahead of the curve. It's by pushing the limits that we thrive.


We believe that only communications based on goodwill and generosity lead to people-centred solutions. Together, we go farther.


We work every day with sincerity and integrity. Nothing is out of bounds: we share methods, deadlines, results, data. Because we believe in the power of sharing.

Our team

Valentine Chalumeau Valentine Chalumeau

Valentine Chalumeau

Digital Strategist

Fully invested in her projects, Valentine is deeply involved at every stage to ensure planning and performance. She believes in sharing, which means strong, long-lasting client relationsips that are full of creativity and good vibes.

Charlotte Leblanc

Charlotte Leblanc

Senior Art Director

A generous listener, Charlotte is intuitive and open-minded and finds inspiration in those who know how to dream. She turns words into images and leads creative visions from inspired idea to effective execution, always in a lively, sensitive way with a humour that's slightly offbeat.

Ève-Line Leduc

Ève-Line Leduc

Partner, VP Brand Influence

Ève-Line is a generous team player who is both demanding and trusting of her colleagues. Strong on creativity and strategy, and an excellent listener, she believes that when there's no filter, the truth always triumphs.

Sylvain Arsenault Sylvain Arsenault

Sylvain Arsenault

Partner, President

Everybody loves working with Sylvain. On projects big and small, his positive leadership encourages everybody to shine. Backed by analytic thinking, he believes in the power of words and strategic insight. All this with a touch of humour.

Mélissa Cloutier Mélissa Cloutier

Mélissa Cloutier

Director of Operations

Calm and curious, Mélissa is the symphony conductor who ensures that everything is in tune. Super organized, this Cartesian artist is always fully present when it comes time to find solutions—and make great works of art.

Benjamin Dumas-Boisvert

Benjamin Dumas-Boisvert

Partner, VP Performance Marketing

Curious as a cat, Benjamin likes to thoroughly run through every detail of his projects. Calm and masterful, he works with discipline and exemplary efficiency. This Cartesian thinker is personally invested in the success of every project.

Mélanie Dionne

Mélanie Dionne

Financial Controller

A real tightrope walker, Mélanie always finds the balance, whether she's dealing with figures or people. With her gentle but firm personality, she knows how to get things done. Probably because she loves what she does.

Emmanuel Bégin

Emmanuel Bégin PSK Collective

Creation Director

Emmanuel is inspired by both the latest developments and the visionaries of the past. The sensitive type, he loves cinema, travel, music and pop culture. With his enthusiasm, intuition and unique method, he always surprises, both as an art director and photographer.

Marie-Doulce Corby Marie-Doulce Corby

Marie-Doulce Corby

Marketing Communications Strategist

Deeply analytical and super creative, Marie-Doulce thrives in both the client and agency worlds. Empathetic and true with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour, when it comes finding insights, she knows how to take a step back and listen constructively.

Diep Truong

Diep Truong PSK Collective

Communications and Public Relations Consultant

A real goldmine of solutions, Diep's 25 years of experience in the industry mean she knows it like the back of her hand. She has the gift for putting complex matters into understandable terms and the knack for building authentic, enriching client relationships that last.

Philippe Doss Philippe Doss

Philippe Doss PSK Collective


Strategists find Philippe creative while creatives find him strategic. Innately curious, he's inspired by research in social psychology and the cognitive sciences, and he seeks out facts rather than opinions, real data rather than the flavour of the moment.

Jean-Sébastien Roy Jean-Sébastien Roy

Jean-Sébastien Roy PSK Collective

Digital Media Specialist

A magician when it comes to online marketing, Jean Sébastien plays with key words, ads and clicks to make conversions appear—as if out of thin air. Solo or as a team member, he puts his passion for figures, innovation and digital at the service of performance.

Yohann C.

Yohann C. PSK Collective

Digital Media Consultant

Way out on the cutting edge in his field, Yohann has a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem. He can take apart the most complex problems and put them back together again. He gets serious stuff done without ever taking himself too seriously.

France Guay

France Guay PSK Collective

Brand and Communications Strategist

Insightful and intuitive, France doesn't hesitate to interrogate everything to uncover the information that tells a story. A dedicated team player, she believes in the power of cooperation and interdisciplinarity, and she finds inspiration in colleagues and clients from every horizon and each generation.

Émilie Larocque

Émilie Larocque PSK Collective


Émilie still counts with her fingers, but the words she chooses are exponential. Overflowing with ideas, this expert in brand content stands out for her intuition and speed at finding the perfect words to hit the target audience.

Violette Létourneau Violette Létourneau

Violette Létourneau PSK Collective

Copywriter and Translator

Open-minded and versatile, Violette gets the message across in both content and form. An expert in advertising adaptation, she knows how to touch hearts and minds. She likes smart, effective words, speaks in language that's clear and simple, and steers clear of concepts that are empty or ready-made.


troisième PSK Collective

Technological Development

Believers in the intelligent web, the troisième team bend over backwards to design digital solutions that bring together performance and creativity. A team that works hard and plays hard, they listen to what people want and are flexible fast on their feet when it comes to pleasing them.

Sophie Breuleux

Sophie Breuleux PSK Collective

360 Media Specialist

Sophie is a positive-minded pro who brings together discipline and versatility. With ideas as inspiring as they are innovative, she fuels her creativity by exploring new perspectives, sharing generously, listening attentively and always learning, learning, learning.

André Lacombe

André Lacombe PSK Collective

Advisor in Strategic Planning, Marketing and Communications

With 35 years' experience to his name, André is known for his wildly diverse expertise and buttoned-up professionalism. An excellent listener, he loves to analyze, discuss ideas and guide his clientele forward to their destinations.

Espace M

Espace M PSK Collective

Traditional Media Placement

A precious asset to making our communications strategies shine in traditional media. Together, we develop relevant, effective media placement strategies that reach their target audiences with maximum efficiency.

Hélène Gagné

Hélène Gagné PSK Collective


Strategic, insightful and efficient, Hélène thrives on meaningful conversations with her clients and partners. For over 35 years, she's put all her heart and smarts into collaborating with her clients to bring their projects to life.

Jean-Michel Ghoussoub

Jean-Michel Ghoussoub PSK Collective

Digital Transformation Advisor

A nice guy and a boundlessly enthusiastic guide, Jean-Michel helps people make the best use of technology. Curious by nature, with over 25 years of varied experience, he knows how to use complex tech to make things simple.

Patrick Lacroix

Patrick Lacroix PSK Collective

Strategic Advisor and Project Manager

Committed and disciplined, Patrick is a keen observer who likes to break things down and analyze and discuss them. A genuine team player, he easily builds trusting relationships to determine the needs of his clients then help them make an impression on the world.

PSK collectif - 

Beyond the team, Prospek is also a collective. One for all and all for one.

PSK Collectif is a community of practice that shares the agency's values and completes their service offer. The members bring their up-to-the-minute expertise to the table and enjoy the advantages that freelance doesn't offer, like access to workspaces and meeting rooms, social, networking and training activities, as well as contact with professionals with complementary specialties to accelerate their business development.

Be part of the equation

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Want to chat about projects, collaborating, teaming up? We can't wait to find out what you have in mind.