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We like to surround ourselves with people who share our drive for excellence and our desire to contribute to the greater good. People who like to change things up a little, together.

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Community and diversity

The agency is the sum of the people who make it: a diverse variety of personalities, a gathering of enriching relationships, visions that spring from the awesome mix of minds working together.


Challenges and growth

Because we're lucky to work every day on a variety of inspring mandates, because we invest in continuing education and sharing our expertises, we offer everything you need to perfect your craft and advance professionally.


Equity and balance

We strongly believe that you can both perform at the top of your game and maintain a happy, healthy work-life balance. We respect each team member's limits and their right to freely express themselves because well-being at work is not negotiable.


Happiness and well-being

Workplace well-being also means taking care of our world, inspiring curiosity and making it a badge of honour to have fun. We're all about having a good time together, and if we're not, then we head home!

Together. One common goal. - 

Located in the heart of Old Montreal and just a stone's throw away from the city's top addresses, the agency's workspaces are warm, flexible, and promote both collaboration, leisure, and moments of concentration.

"At Prospek, we believe in collective intelligence. We have created a space for creation and expression where everyone occupies a significant role. Each chair comes with a right to speak."

Sylvain Arsenault
Partner and President

PSK Collective - 

Prospek is also a collective. One for all and all for one.

We're always happy to develop new collaborations with experts of all kinds to complete Prospek's offer. You'd like to work with us?

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