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Olives from Spain

Cross-Canada visibility campaign

Did you know that approximately one in two olives consumed in Canada comes from Spain? Gordal, Manzanilla, Hojiblanca…Canadians enjoy all kinds of olive varieties without necessarily knowing where they’re grown. To strengthen the leadership position of Olives from Spain in the Canadian market, international marketing and communication firm Sopexa, which specializes in the agri-food industry, called on the help of Prospek. A series of mandates was conducted in collaboration with Sopexa to meet some ambitious objectives.

« Canada's Top pick / Les favorites d'ici », a highly effictive campaign concept

A campaign slogan that paired the warmth of Spain with Canadian values was suggested—and readily accepted! We felt that the image of a freshly picked olive held between fingers making the universal “OK” symbol would be a simple way to communicate a strong message. It also provided the perfect showcase for this small, tasty, perfect fruit!

An engaging website that provides inspiration, from kitchen to table

To share the enjoyment of the Spanish lifestyle and Mediterranean cuisine featuring Olives from Spain, we developed a brand new website. The agency’s top writers went to work creating appealing content to entice Canadian consumers to discover the fleshy Gordal, mysterious Hojiblanca and versatile Manzanilla. A dozen or so recipes adapted to Canadian tastes and preferences were also created, and these were illustrated with a diverse and inspiring array of photos and videos.

To further affirm the leadership of Olives from Spain and convey the festive spirit of the country, we chose an artistic approach emphasizing warm colours and strong contrasts. From its beautiful images of the Spanish countryside to mouth-watering sharing platters, the website has succeeded in charming foodies across Canada.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, a canadian presence for the brand

The implementation of Canadian branding on social media was a must. To ensure the success of this multi-channel launch, we introduced Canadian accounts and produced captivating content created by Canadians for Canadians. The response was immediate and positive: our fans asked us for more!

« What's your pick? / Quelle est votre favorite? », a contest with flair

We set out to launch an Olives from Spain contest that would be as entertaining as it was informative. We accomplished this by asking Canadians to choose their favourite olive. The prize? A 100% Spanish gourmet experience!

By the end of the campaign, which ran from November to December 2017, we had attained more than three million impressions across Canada and maintained a Facebook engagement rate of 2.14%, while the industry average is approximately 0.65%. We’re also particularly proud of how our recipe videos took off on YouTube; with an average viewing time of almost the entire length of the videos, we can safely state that Canadians are as enamoured with Olives from Spain as we are!

« Giving Canadian foodies a taste for Olives from Spain—and by extension for Spain itself—was a challenge that the entire team revelled in! »

Stéphanie Boucher, content marketing strategist

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