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Les Jamelles

Visibility campaign

Wine importer Vins Philippe Dandurand turned to Prospek to promote Les Jamelles wines, produced by Badet Clément & Co. The Les Jamelles collection, unique among handcrafted varietals from Pays d'Oc in Southern France, is particularly sought after in Canada, the world's second highest importer of Les Jamelles wines.

The objectives of the mandate entrusted to Prospek were to raise the profile of the wine and its brand in Canada and boost consumer demand through increased sales. We felt it wise to build on the marked popularity of the brand to introduce a contest in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces. The idea we adopted was that of coming together to toast a milestone or event with a glass of Les Jamelles wine.

A contest page was created, inviting the public to enter by "raising a glass" of Les Jamelles wine. The contest communications focused primarily on Facebook, where the target audience was most present and active. The animation on the page served to generate overall enthusiasm for the contest and engage the public's interest in the product. Sponsored posts enabled more people to be reached, as did the banners on specialized sites.

The campaign was highly successful, drawing close to 3,000 entries. From a marketing viewpoint, the results were particularly striking, with the number of fans on the Facebook page increasing by 130% in less than one month. We also obtained 1,028 new subscriptions to the newsletter, a conversion rate of 30%. These excellent results aptly demonstrate the buzz we created around the Les Jamelles brand.

« Working with Vins Philippe Dandurand and Badet Clément enabled us to combine our knowledge of the wine market and Canadian consumers with the effective deployment of interactive tools. »

Philippe Doss, partner, vice-president and strategist

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