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Return on investment measurement

InfoPrimes is an independent financial services firm that enables Quebecers to save on their life and mortgage insurance premiums through to an innovative online calculator. It allows consumers to compare the premiums of several insurers in a few seconds and find the best product for their needs.

Prospek has been responsible for the company’s marketing since 2014. In addition to advertising and public relations activities, we have a mandate to create digital campaigns to increase the profile of the InfoPrimes calculator while generating the most prospects at the lowest cost per acquisition. Our work in collaboration with InfoPrimes has allowed us to develop the mandate and review our initial strategy.

Performance evaluation of acquisition strategies up to the final sale: When comparing the results of annual digital campaigns from 2019 to 2022, we see an average increase in the number of prospects of 23% per year, accompanied by a 10% reduction in cost per acquisition. More qualified leads for less money! The success of the marketing campaigns can be explained by the very close weekly monitoring of results and the collaborative work carried out with the InfoPrimes team.

Our work allows us to evaluate performance not only via the CPA of prospects, but now also through insurance premiums submitted directly to our client. Since the need for insurance products changes over time, we have developed a segmented investment strategy based on different buyer profiles. This strategy has enabled us to better understand the return on investment by age and product. As a result, we have discovered that some groups offer a better return even though the acquisition cost per prospect is sometimes higher!

« Since the insurance industry is very competitive, our transparent, collaborative approach has allowed us to implement an innovative strategy that will strengthen the growth of InfoPrimes throughout Quebec! »
Jean-Sébastien Roy, SEM & digital marketing specialist

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