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Since January 2017, Prospek has been pleased and proud to manage the ESKA social media platforms, from developing strategies and content to helping ESKA connect with user communities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In fact, through these day-to-day efforts, we successfully increased the brand's facebook community by 64% in just 7 months.

That being said, nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing the enthusiasm of fans for this exceptional water, sourced here in Quebec. ESKA’s many followers also enjoy interacting with its platforms to get the latest updates, such as the newest ESKA flavours:

To optimize the brand’s presence on social media, we focus on a number of relevant themes, such as wellness, physical activity, lifestyle trends, new flavours, and more. We also test innovative formats, including micro-videos and GIFs, which are particularly appreciated by ESKA’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter communities.

Building on these varied platforms, we’re able to showcase the personality of the brand across the country. ESKA is a company that’s:

Knowledgeable; it has a deep understanding of nature and the importance of sharing it with others.

Humble; it is respectful of nature’s work and, rather than draw attention to its own role, it invites all Canadians to celebrate the natural wealth of their country.

Authentic; it demonstrates integrity in sharing ideas and advice, and it involves itself in the community.

Strong; it draws its strength from nature and its own Canadian heritage.

Confident; it has confidence in itself and its partnership with nature.

« In managing ESKA’s social platforms, we constantly strive for renewal and reinvention. It may sound like a daunting task to talk about water on a daily basis, but ESKA’s story is so compelling that it’s actually very stimulating! »

Stéphanie Boucher, content marketing specialist

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