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Advertising creation

An eggs-quisite advertising message for Bye Bye, Quebec’s record-cracking New Year’s Eve show

Celebrating the Quebec egg farmer federations’ 60 years of dedication with a 360 campaign

Getting the federation out of its shell for its 60th anniversary

At this time last year, the Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec (FPOQ) entrusted us with the precious mandate to create a memorable campaign to celebrate both the organisation’s 60th anniversary and the occupation of egg farmer on the occasion of Quebec’s top television event: the annual “Bye Bye” New Year’s Eve special. We carried out a strategic reflection with the federation to define the campaign’s communication axis, develop a series of key messages and establish the brand’s tone of voice, then we prepared the creative brief to develop a 360 campaign.

An advertising message that puts a feather in the federation’s cap

To convey the FPOQ’s warm personality and sense of humour, we worked hand in hand with the team at SOMA to create a captivating advertising message that would win the hearts of Quebecers. Thanks to director Cristina Martins’ eye for authenticity, we delivered a message that succeeds at celebrating the essential role of Quebec’s egg farmers in our daily lives.

An eggs-traordinarily creative campaign

Beyond the television message aired during the New Year’s Eve shows, the campaign will roll out out-of-home over the coming months with an insightful use of key moments in daily life to raise public awareness of the hard work and dedication of egg farmers. By illustrating shared moments like game night, spring break and Easter brunch, the campaign aims to demonstrate that egg farmers nurture their hens with great care so that they can supply us with the best eggs possible. The message will also be rolled out on Web banners to further spread the news. Thanks to the talented collaboration between our photographer and animal trainer, truer-than-life images of hens caught in the act of causing trouble make the campaign’s creative impact really hit home.

“What a privilege to have the chance to work with the FPOQ on a creation for the television event that brings so many Quebecers together! Of course, it’s always a pleasure to tackle the challenge of discovering the best way to express a message, but what’s even more satisfying is to succeed at giving a voice to the hundreds of Quebec families who work every day in this profession and honour them. That’s what makes us happiest and gives us a feeling of accomplishment.”

Ève-Line Leduc
Partner and Vice-President

Behind the scenes

In addition to celebrating the FPOQ’s 60th anniversary, this campaign pays tribute to the tireless dedication of egg farmers who work every day while the rest of the world enjoys a well-deserved break. The campaign was crafted with a heartfelt intention: to convey our gratitude to these families who work day in and day out so that we can enjoy our eggs - these little pleasures of everyday life.

We chose a comic tone to draw spectators into the middle of the lives of a Quebec egg-farming family as they juggle with daily events that include their chickens interrupting a video meeting, playing with a television remote in the middle of the night and even popping a little girl’s inflatable floatie. These slices of life act as touching metaphors for the complexity and commitment necessary to be an egg farmer. It’s not only a job that requires expertise, it’s also a workload that our full modern lives make a real challenge to maintain.

“We wanted to showcase the essential work that Quebec’s egg farmers do because without them we would surely have a lot more work on our plates with all these chickens to manage! We chose to do this through absurd little comic vignettes that reveal the little inconveniences chickens can bring to daily life,” says Cristina Martins, director of the Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec television spot.

To make this experience as authentic as possible, we turned to the expertise of an animal trainer who spent over five weeks training four real Quebec laying hens to take starring roles in the shoot, all for a truer-than-life end result. After their impressive acting debut, the starlets were adopted by a farmhouse where they will continue to explore life and show off their talents. 

In this upbeat out-of-home campaign, these images evoke an amusing reality where even during the pleasurable moments of everyday life, chickens require nurturing and attention. It’s a powerful reminder of the farmers’ dedication that merits consumers’ attention.

“This is a first for the FPOQ, not only to celebrate its anniversary on television, but also to do it on “Bye Bye”, the most-watched show of the year. It was essential for us to express our gratitude to both our precious consumers and our members during the holidays when everyone is gathered together, because the Fédération’s history is also a real family history. Thank you to the entire Prospek team for capturing in images the role that egg farmers play and their commitment to supplying Quebec consumers with top-quality eggs every day of the year,” says Marie-Isabel Martineau, FPOQ Marketing and Communications Director.

The campaign also aims to challenge the perception of eggs as a taken-for-granted, always-there staple of our daily diet, when behind every dozen in Quebec fridges are hundreds of committed families working day in and day out so that these natural wonders get to our table. With this campaign, when consumers crack an egg, they’ll know it’s the end result of 60 years of shared devotion by an entire community of farmers whose goal is to supply Quebecers with top-quality eggs.

By celebrating the FPOQ’s 60th anniversary this way, this campaign is more than a simple commercial communication. It reaches out and touches the hearts of Quebecers so that they’ll recognize the journey from farm to table when they cook up tasty, fresh, local eggs.

Credits, creative team

Advertising message

Advertiser: Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec, Marie-Isabel Martineau

Creative agency: Prospek
Strategist: Ève-Line Leduc
Account service: Ève-Line Leduc
Creation: Cristina Martins, Elyse Noël de Tilly, Mathieu Bouillon
Director: Cristina Martins
Production: SOMA - Simon Corriveau, Audrey Tardif
Offline editing - CAG
Colorisation - Post Moderne - Steven Mercier
Online editing - Masz
Sound and music: Réservoir audio - François Del Fante
Media agency: Espace M

Out-of-home, web

Agency: Prospek

Strategy: Ève-Line Leduc
Account service: Ève-Line Leduc
Production: Mélissa Cloutier
Art direction: Emmanuel Bégin
Copywriting: Émilie Larocque
Computer graphics: Emmanuel Bégin
Photography: Emmanuel Bégin
Photo assistance: Mélissa Cloutier
Props: Cécile Vinez
Animal trainer: Michel Fournier

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