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Digital strategy
Photography, video and motion design

Trusted veal from Europe

Visual identity

To reinforce the position of European veal with consumers, restaurateurs and food industry buyers in North America, and to promote the high European standards for this superior quality meat, the international marketing and communication agency that specializes in the agri-food sector, Sopexa Canada, called upon Prospek. Our team created a campaign for “Trusted Veal from Europe: A Trusted Tradition,” which included designing a visual identity, a logo, a new website and several promotional tools.


The visual signature of “Trusted Veal from Europe: A Trusted Tradition” was designed to represent the authenticity and quality of the product. The shape of the label and the old-fashioned font evokes a connection with tradition and European expertise, which has a long, well-established reputation. This approach also immediately sets itself apart from other visual styles in the agri-food industry, which tend to be colder and more modern.


The photography showcases European veal simply in the form of mouth-watering yet accessible recipes. Although connoisseurs will immediately recognize the quality of the product, we used elegant, rustic styling to express the European tradition that further distinguishes it. Used for the website and major industry events like the Salon International de l’Alimentation (SIAL Canada), these photographs played an important role in bringing together the characteristics of the brand and the product while also contributing to another worthy cause – making guests’ mouths water.

Communication tools

Several communication tools were developed to target restaurateurs and buyers in the Canadian and American markets. First, we created an ad for a specialty magazine highlighting the graphic elements we developed. Second, we created a promotional brochure that contained recipes to distribute at events and trade shows, for which we also designed a booth display. This gave us the opportunity to bring the atmosphere in the photos to life in a more immersive way with a butcher shop-style meat display case as well as wood and slate finishes to create an authentic and inviting space. Finally, we created the website to inform consumers and industry professionals about the high production standards and brand commitments while showcasing the visual signature and photography. The website displays the same strong visual identity that proudly represents the highest-quality veal in the world.

« As a branding enthusiast, this project was a delight to create. As a huge fan of food photography, it was also a pleasure! »

Charlotte Leblanc, artistic director

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