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Competition strategy and execution "The Smart Kit"

In September 2014, to support the launch of the new Taxi Diamond website, Prospek suggested that a contest be held for the general public to spread the word about the tools that Taxi Diamond makes available to its clientele to facilitate their travel.

With a theme of the Montreal Smart Cab, i.e. the intelligent way to get around the city using advanced tools designed to meet the needs of each client, the contest targeted the following objectives:

  • direct customers and potential customers to the Taxi Diamond site;
  • introduce management tools that provide users with greater control over their travel within the city;
  • increase readership of the newsletter;
  • increase the number of online user accounts for the ordering of Taxi Charge coupons;
  • build loyalty among existing clients.

The contest strategy was based on presenting content designed for each of the targeted audiences (individuals, app users and commercial clients) in order to create a personalized experience and convey the sense of service tailored to each user category.

The dissemination strategy focused primarily on the Web, including advertising placements on the Google Display network, sponsored stories on Facebook, Web banners on a number of platforms to reach a range of audiences, and promotional banners on the Taxi Diamond website itself. We also called on the drivers to get involved by handing out promotional flyers. This tactic enabled them to talk to their clients about the advantages and features of the new Taxi Diamond website.

All of these traffic-generating sources helped bring users to the contest landing page, which addressed both current Taxi Diamond clients (newsletter subscribers and Taxi Charge coupon users) and potential customers. The landing page enabled visitors to enter the contest, and it also introduced them to the new website and the tools for smart management of their travel.

New users were invited to subscribe to the newsletter or create an online account. Existing clients were encouraged to urge friends to register for a chance to win. To further promote the contest, we implemented a referral system: for every friend who entered the contest, each existing client was awarded an extra chance to win.

  • 2,515 new newsletter subscribers, 605 of whom originated through referrals
  • 110 new business clients
  • 21.05% increase in traffic on the Taxi Diamond website
  • 39% increase in the use of online tools (fare estimates, online taxi orders)
« Taxi Diamond approaches its business with an innovative vision that is constantly moving the taxi industry forward. With its contest, the Montreal taxi leader clearly succeeded in positioning itself as an agent of change.»

Ève-Line Leduc, communication strategist

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