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Strategic planning
Marketing communications plan

St-Amour et associés

A new family of brands

When the St-Amour recruitment agency knocked on our door, it was at a crucial moment in the firm’s history. The leaders needed support to undertake a review of the company’s brand, diversify its service offering and strengthen its position in the Quebec and Ontario markets. So many challenges for an agency that had focused for 40 years on traditional methods of recruiting talent!

The excitement of the St-Amour leaders quickly spread to Prospek, and we jumped on this creative mandate full of energy. A 360 communication plan soon enabled us to recommend the creation of a family of brands and communication tools adapted to the new market reality.

St-Amour stands out from other players in the industry. It relies on the dual expertise of its recruiters, who have a thorough knowledge of their sectors and a deep understanding of the markets in which they operate. They are fiercely effective in finding the rare pearl.

We took inspiration from this distinguishing feature to develop a new family of brands. When the leaders explained their jobs to us, we felt as though we were working with intrepid explorers who confront storms and torrents as they search for what is new and exceptional. A new brand identity was born.

Noame of the group - Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was the first person to circle the globe. An accomplished explorer and navigator, he is associated with the discovery of distant lands, but also space exploration. Cosmic clouds, lunar craters and a telescope all bear his name. Bilingual and easy to remember, the name Magellan evokes perseverance, scope and a quest.

Name of the division responsible for recruiting senior managers - Strato

The name of the new division responsible for recruiting high-level managers (DG, VP, CEO) must evoke the premium nature of the service. The prefix "strato" refers to "stratospheric," which means "very high" in both French and English. This keeps us in the aerospace world with a term that is easy to remember and bilingual.

Nom of the ontario division - Hubble

The world’s most famous telescope, Hubble, has enabled us to observe distant stars. Hubble has led to discoveries about the rate of expansion of the universe and the existence of dark matter. The telescope takes its name from the astronomer Edwin Hubble, who demonstrated the existence of other galaxies outside our Milky Way. By drawing a parallel with Hubble, we convey our ability to continuously seek out talented people (stars) and find them better than anyone else.

Name of the technology division - Flairtech

The name of the new technological platform will help recruiters automate certain processes: psychometric tests, the selection of potential profiles from a database, etc. In a way, it will help to better identify promising profiles. The name gives a nod to intuition, a skill shared by experienced recruiters. The bilingual word "flair" is both simple and distinctive.

« How do we know if we’ve achieved our goal? When the president of the company proudly uses the brand name a few minutes after we propose it. »

Philippe Doss, partner and vice president

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