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Digital strategy

Rose Bloc

A consistent and memorable brand experience

The mission

The mission we were given was to create a unique visual identity with the power to mobilize for a new bouldering gym on Montreal’s south shore. The young entrepreneurs, who are seasoned climbers at the center of a committed climbing community, wanted to stand out on the market by offering a space inspired by Scandinavian interior design and a superior-quality customer experience based on holistic well-being. The challenge: to develop a strong, consistent visual identity to reinforce the design and layout of the spaces under construction and to create a unified brand experience based on the performance and lifestyle image associated with climbing.

The solution

With a focus on community spirit, we developed a visual identity composed of combined organic shapes that convey not only the flexibility of movement the sport demands, but also the values of sharing and helping one another. The varied shapes also recall wall climbing grips and rose petals from different angles, the latter being a cherished symbol of the young entrepreneurs. In a more visible way, the series of shapes also evoke nature and topographic-map-style variations in land height. The modern, streamlined typography that highlights the physical power and unique characteristics of climbers, together with the organic shapes, symbolizes the intention and ambition it takes to tackle a new challenge, like when starting out on a climbing course.

The result

The launch of the Rose Bloc climbing gym in Greenfield Park on the south shore of Montreal was a great success! In just a few weeks, they drew in and built a new community of climbers in the region. Thanks to the genuine collaboration between the creative team and the client, a consistent, memorable brand experience was developed, and it helped to strengthen the company’s culture and create an environment that fulfilled the founders’ vision.

"We trusted in the artistic process and let all the elements come together to create a strong brand. With the dynamic, young owners at the head of this business, the opportunity to build a visual identity that reflected their vision and passion for climbing was truly inspiring!"

Emmanuel Bégin
Creative Director

"Prospek quickly understood the mindset and values we wanted Rose Bloc to convey. We wanted a brand image that was both hardcore and elegant, just like the climbing gym. The team knew how to get us out of our comfort zone and propose a strong image that embodied what we felt. This logo quickly became a reference in the climbing community not only on Montreal’s south shore, but throughout Quebec and beyond."

Simon Collette
Owner and General Manager, Rose Bloc

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