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Digital strategy
Media planning and management

Proprio Direct

Multi-channel digital media

Real estate agency Proprio Direct has a particularly interesting offer for Quebec homeowners: the possibility of selling their home independently while benefiting from the services of a realtor throughout the transaction. With one of the highest growth rates in the industry over the past five years, the company needed to optimize its digital advertising channels to improve their reach and effectiveness. That’s where Prospek came in.

Following an in-depth analysis of the real estate agency’s advertising activities, we concluded that many opportunities were ripe for the taking:

Diversification of advertising channels

In an environment as competitive as real estate, it’s essential to identify and target the various audiences with a wide range of advertising channels to ensure a level of stability in terms of both costs and the volume of qualified leads. It’s also an excellent way to improve the reach of the brand without wearing down the intended audience.

« Finding new strategies that improve Proprio Direct’s positioning and set it apart from the real estate industry’s strongest competitors allows us to rise to new challenges on a daily basis! »

Jean-Sébastien, SEM & digital marketing specialist

Close monitoring of performance

Right from the start, we agreed on clear performance indicators, and we set ambitious objectives. We’ve provided access to a dashboard systematically updated every week. This type of performance analytics platform offers unparalleled transparency and precision. It also enables us to work as a team with the company to find solutions and rapidly adjust campaign parameters.

Optimization of SEM campaigns

A weekly optimization exercise maintains a high level of competitiveness while ensuring top performance. This includes a review of advertisements, adjustment of key words, auction changes based on performance, refinement of targeting strategies, channel-based changes to budget ratios, and much more.

Since taking on responsibility for the digital campaigns of Proprio Direct, we have succeeded in reducing the acquisition cost by 58%. You know you’re on the right track when you’re able to deliver twice the number of leads without altering a company’s budget!

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