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Proprio Direct

A new website

In an industry as competitive as real estate, it is essential to keep implementing new acquisition strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Our weekly optimization efforts help us maintain top performance for our digital campaigns (revising ads, targeting strategies, modifying bids and budget ratios, and more).

Although our initial recommendation was to optimize only the landing pages used in our digital marketing campaign, the website has been optimized in full. In doing so, the Proprio Direct brand image was adapted to the new website, featuring a simplified navigation experience and streamlined content.

Although the initial goal of the website was to increase our conversion rate, the design of various pages was also improved to make searching easier and ensure better comprehension of the information presented. In particular, the optimized website is in line with the evolution of the brand image with which Proprio Direct wants to identify.

The different points of contact on the website were considered and developed to gain a better understanding of the needs of different visitors to the site (purchasing a first property or selling a current home). Several new points of contact were also added on different pages to improve the conversion rate.

The results

In addition to a 70% increase in total organic conversion, compared to the same period in the previous year, the launch of Proprio Direct’s optimized website decreased the bounce rate by 38%. We have also seen an upsurge of nearly 20% in the number of pages viewed per visit, which has contributed to increasing the average amount of time spent on the site.

The different behaviours and interests analyzed following the launch will allow us to implement a new investment strategy for the coming year and make recommendations that focus on the future development of Proprio Direct.

« Offering a simpler experience in an industry as complex as real estate is a real challenge. It requires an in-depth understanding of the habits and needs of users, who are increasingly younger and more mobile! »

Kais Thabet, collaborator in strategy

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