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Graphic design


Fish and Drinks

The mandate

Our mission was to design a warm and appealing branding for an innovative hybrid concept of fish shop and bar based at Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market. We wanted to create a brand that was both trendy and timeless while reflecting the relaxed lifestyle of the Little Italy neighbourhood. The place had to give off a summer afternoon vibe where time comes to a standstill and visitors enjoy good company while savouring gourmet pleasures.

The solution

To create this brand identity, it was essential to convey both the sea and the profession of fishmonger. What’s more, we wanted to dispel any preconceived ideas around dry-aged fish and demystify the aging process, which is in fact well known in butchery. The word palomar is the name of a knot that’s commonly used in fishing, and its sound evokes a seaside vacation. Palomar’s visual identity consists of the image of an entire fish separated into pieces like meat in a butcher’s diagram in order to symbolize the transformation and aging process. This illustration also evokes Palomar’s attention to detail and top quality products. Sober, simple and delicate, the typography chosen for the logo embodies the establishment’s elegance and delicacy. Colour-wise, we chose a fresh blue that recalls both the sea and the products’ freshness, complemented by a very dark green, verging on coal, that evokes marine qualities and adds a touch of sophistication. This palette conveys authenticity and top-calibre products and service.

The result

The branding created for Palomar positions the establishment as a Montreal reference in seafood products. With its offer of dry-aged fish whole or in pieces, seafood charcuteries and fish sausages, along with its counter that offers a wine selection and bar, Palomar has created a complete gourmet experience. The logo that showcases the illustration of the butcher-separated fish in refreshing colours is designed to generate curiosity in the establishment’s unique offer. With this distinctive visual identity that conveys the fishmonger-bar concept, Palomar will surely cut out its place as a stand-out destination for Montreal seafood aficionados.

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