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On the Tip of the Toes

New brand image

The On the Tip of the Toes Foundation helps young people living with cancer to rediscover their sense of well-being by taking part in therapeutic adventure expeditions. The adventures encourage these young people to transcend their own boundaries and regain hope.

As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, the Foundation wanted to modernize its brand for a better alignment with its vision. Prospek was entrusted with the redesign of the Foundations’ graphic identity, website and communication tools.

The On the Tip of the Toes Foundations’ new graphic identity is first and foremost made up of a brand evolving in a graphic environment with multiple variations. The branding is essentially typographic, highlighting the Foundation’s name, for immediate impact. Its vertical alignment gives it an originality that helps it stand out on first look, and evokes the idea of pride (standing up straight), momentum and pushing oneself (as if moving forward). The "Tip of the Toes" is suggested, and we can recognize in the inclination of the design the notions of balance and fragility, counterbalanced by the little line at the bottom, representing a certain stability. The rounded font brings a playfulness and warmth, while remaining timeless.

As for the website, it wasn’t a case of simply presenting the mission of the Foundation and adding a few photos. At the centre the Foundation’s outreach strategies, the website is the preferred tool for collecting donations, recruiting young people to join the adventures, and garnering financial support through individual or group sign-ups for fundraising activities.

The blog was established to make it possible to follow, step by step, the progress of the participants in the therapeutic adventures. Its visual and editorial content highlights the beauty of the sites, the benefits of the initiative and the resulting excitement and joy. A social media strategy helps amplify the visibility of the Foundation’s initiatives through the conversations generated among stakeholders, participants and their loved ones.

The creation of customized communication tools allows the Foundation to efficiently convey a simple yet meaningful message: “The therapeutic adventure expeditions are the best way to rebuild self-esteem and give young people with cancer a renewed sense of hope.”

"The Foundation’s mission is important to all of us at Prospek. It was an honour to contribute, even indirectly, to such a noble cause!"

Marie-Pier Doyon, Account Executive

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