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Leads acquisition campaign

Necando Solutions is an information technology consulting firm specializing in artificial intelligence, deep learning and big data. It helps large organizations equip themselves in order to automate their processes and reap the full benefit of the data they generate. Necando turned to Prospek to help it connect with decision makers in major companies.

Conducting a B2B leads acquisition campaign for highly specialized individuals is no small feat. To ensure we fully understood our target audience and maximize our chances of success, we held a number of brainstorming sessions with the key players in the company. During these meetings we reached a unanimous conclusion: Necando must establish its team as the top experts in its sector if it wishes to attract a qualified clientele.

To meet the firm’s business objectives, we deployed a performance marketing campaign on LinkedIn and Facebook, which aimed to draw qualified leads to free webinars on topical issues such as artificial intelligence. In this way, Necando was able to position itself as an opinion leader while opening a dialogue with its future clients. The results speak for themselves. In just one month, we obtained:

  • 1.9 M impressions among our target audience
  • Almost 1,500 visits to the landing page
  • 127 webinar registrations (a conversion rate of 8.5%)

This is only the beginning. We have committed to continuing our efforts in order to enable Necando Solutions to become a Canadian leader in the flourishing fields of artificial intelligence and big data.

« Defining the ideal leads acquisition process for a niche market is very motivating. It’s vital to find the marketing channels that offer the greatest number of leads for the lowest investment! »

Benjamin Dumas-Boisvert, Vice-President and digital strategist

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