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Maison Jean Lapointe

(What a draaag!) campaign was so not a drag!

The COVID-19 crisis was a real challenge for Maison Jean Lapointe—how could it get its message out there? Social media seemed a likely channel for its new youth addiction awareness initiative. High schools had always been ground zero for organization outreach, but with schools shuttered by the virus, new outlets were needed. What’s more, lockdown conditions can be a breeding ground for mental health crises, anxiety issues, and behaviours that can become addictions. Maison Jean Lapointe wanted to be there for youth, and Prospek was ready to make that happen.

That’s how the Montreal agency came to develop the creative platform that led to C Plaaate!. The mission directive was to develop an off-the-wall, inspired, and provocative name and visual identity. Vivid colours were called for to mitigate the “drag” evoked in the name (Plaaate). The visual was done up in DIY mode to match video clip content. Comic book style kept things young and fresh, and suited the main character Alfred’s attempts to come to the rescue of young people stuck in the new daily grind.

Prospek also took on launch strategy, with the #1 objective to maximize C Plaaate! content visibility in order to reach as many young people as possible and equip them to handle the crisis. Prospek drafted the media relations plan for rollout during Mental Health Month. Organizing that kind of campaign in the depths of a public health emergency brought, unsurprisingly, some special challenges. Getting media attention away from the ongoing tragedy long enough to notice what was happening, for example. The team’s mettle was definitely tested, but the results were beyond amazing.

Prospek is extremely proud to have contributed to the success of this campaign.

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