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Ma cabane à la maison

"Ma cabane à la maison" galvanizes the agency

Metro, a key partner

“Ma cabane à la maison” is a Web platform for ordering “home sweet home” kits prepared by sugar shacks throughout the province. With the sales strategy in place, it was time to figure out how to get those “home sweet home” kits distributed province-wide. When the people behind the project approached Metro, the grocery chain was quick to volunteer 194 pickup points and threw in added visibility with targeted marketing initiatives. “Home sweet home” kits can be picked up at any participating Metro or Metro Plus store or right at the sugar shack. Some sugar shacks also offer home delivery.

Artists to the rescue

Ma cabane à la maison called on the team at to get the arts community on board and organize and webcast a groundbreaking show. Artists such as 2Frères, Daniel Boucher, Yves Lambert, and Guylaine Tanguay backed the initiative, agreeing to cook up a festive show filmed right in the woods. The exclusive performance is available with any “home sweet home” kit order.

Québec businesses answer the call

“Sugar shacks are part of our culture and our identity. We needed to do everything we could to save them, to get everyone on board,” added Sylvain Arsenault. With Metro and Prospek already behind the initiative, “Ma cabane à la maison” was able to garner further invaluable support from Cascades, Publisac, Emballage LM, Emballage Lacroix, Lafleur, Tuango, Québec Maple Syrup Producers, and Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec.

To help sugar shacks hard hit by the pandemic, Prospek launched a province-wide support movement: "Ma cabane à la maison" Nearly 70 sugar shacks joined the initiative. “For us, it’s a historic moment. Sugar shacks usually compete for business, and now, for the first time ever, they’re teaming up to keep the tradition alive,” says Stéphanie Laurin, president of ASEQC, the association that represents Québec’s sugar shacks and reception halls.

The movement was sparked by a meeting between Stéphanie Laurin and Sylvain Arsenault, president and partner of marketing and communications agency Prospek. From there, it was a matter of energy and drive. The Prospek team embraced the cause, designing an inspiring brand, developing a sophisticated marketing communications plan, creating content that allows sugar shacks to shine, and doing the media planning.

« This project is not only about baked beans with maple syrup. It’s a symbol of our traditions and what we have all been missing for a year. Through this campaign, we want to provide an authentic Québec experience, while stimulating the senses and drawing attention. This delicious adventure has seen the light of day in record time and was made possible thanks to the profound engagement of a whole team. Hats off to all of them. »

Ève-Line, Partner and Vice-President

To execute the communication campaign, Prospek sought the help of other experienced professionals to deliver a set of high-quality communication tools:

- Digital agency QuatreCentQuatre and UEAT for the transactional website
- Production house Soma for the video ad
- Nicolas Boulerice and Le vent du nord for the video ad's soundtrack
- Émilie Larocque for the copywriting
- Diane Jeannotte and Diep Truong for press relations.

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