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The Art of Elevating Food and Drink Brands through Original Content Creation

Here’s how Prospek goes about creating original and strategic content.

As trends in the agri-food industry evolve quickly, brands must constantly innovate to maintain strong, captivating presences and stand out. Here’s how Prospek goes about creating original and strategic content - from photography to copywriting, video and recipes - that transforms ideas into memorable experiences.

Creation Strategy

When a brand approaches us to create brand content, we take into consideration the entire business ecosystem to align with its values, ambitions and sales opportunities, as well as its identity and personality. Take Olives from Spain, for example, a brand that operates in the markets of China, India and the United Kingdom. The strategy was to develop original recipes tailored to the Canadian market, demonstrating that olives can easily transform an ordinary recipe into an extraordinary dish. Over the years, Prospek has developed an in-depth knowledge of how to distinguish tastes and trends from coast to coast, and we created appealing content accordingly.

We craft strategies that resonate with target audiences to establish an authentic, lasting connection. We consider it essential to anticipate consumer needs based on a variety of factors (sales cycle, seasonality, geographical location, etc.) in order to ensure the creation of relevant content and build trustworthy relationships.

Creation of Stunning Recipes, Art Direction and Photography

As a versatile ingredient, olives were integrated into both savoury and sweet recipes, either as a side or as the star of a dish. The creation of these recipes is well thought out and done in collaboration with talented chefs who experiment according to the established strategic direction and editorial guidelines. The resulting recipes are innovative and delicious, meeting the needs and tastes of the target audience. Furthermore, each recipe is meticulously tested to offer the audience an unforgettable culinary experience. Nothing is left to chance!

Through art direction, we aimed to convey a modern, warm and dynamic ambiance, reflecting the seasons and times of consumption. We developed the art direction and culinary styling in tandem to bring products to life in an aesthetic and engaging manner, providing a rich playground for photography. This is how our photographs capture the very essence of brands, arousing the audience’s appetite and interest.

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