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Iögo and Nanö

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Founded in 1938, Agropur Cooperative is a leader in the North American dairy industry. Over the years, through mergers and acquisitions, its product portfolio has expanded. This is how iÖGO and iÖGO nanö were born in 2012, two yogurt brands designed by and for Canadians.

Agropur retained the services of Prospek to review the brand image of iÖGO and nanö on social media. In April 2019, iÖGO took advantage of the unveiling of its new advertising platform to deploy its new visual identity. This campaign was the starting point for reactivating the social media presence of the two brands.


Even though the main objective was to ensure a constant and consistent social media presence (always-on), we were quickly able to identify a brand. In fact, there were two brands on the same social media accounts. Prospek promptly recommended that they be dissociated so that each of them could reach their respective target audiences. We implemented a high-level strategy based on a collaborative approach to ensure an effective transition. Agropur was involved at key stages of the process through various creative tools, including strategic brainstorming workshops and competitive analyses.

Our teams created mood boards for the various visuals beforehand to help the clients focus and see the obvious difference in tone and image between the two brands. This visual representation allowed the clients to quickly recognize the immediate need to separate the two accounts.

At the same time, we needed to establish the key discourses of the communities and find ways to stand out in an industry renowned for its competitiveness. In other words, how do you make yogurt attractive? How do you generate conversations and bring the pillars of both brands to life? A customized strategy was designed for each of the brands.


For iÖGO, the challenge was to assert its leadership position by relying on an established community. In practice, this resulted in bold formats, original infographic concepts, challenges for followers, etc.

For nanö, we needed to deploy a strategy of launching social media accounts while ensuring that the engagement goals set by Agropur were met. Parent fans gradually joined the community thanks to fun user-generated content.

Community management

For iÖGO, the challenge was to position the brand's bold tone and allow the intended targets to identify themselves through the content deployed. Different content was tested in order to make a smooth transition and see if the established community was ready to welcome this new positioning. By using the new long formats (very mobile first) and inviting the user to click on the post to discover the message or the answer to the question, etc., the community gradually understood that iÖGO was changing the way it converses on social networks. The community was very receptive to the humour used to highlight the brand's personality and generate reactions, and it quickly joined in the game.

For nanö’s community management, the challenge was to engage in conversation with a new community and set the tone of the discourse with the family audience. Thanks to fun, entertaining posts and an increasing number of invitations to comment, the brand can now boast of having laid down the foundations for effective community management in just a few weeks. It should also be noted that the nanö brand is ideal for generating content.


Prospek held a photo session to support the artistic direction and new tone of the iÖGO brand. Once again, we took a collaborative approach and created mood boards with the clients. The goal was to show daily scenes that reflected real life. It’s true that yogurt doesn’t always look perfect when you take it out of a picnic basket or cooler at a campsite, but the community was able to identify with the realistic scenes shown in the photo content produced and deployed on the brand’s social media accounts.

Exceeded expectations

Over the weeks, the brand's tone took hold on social networks, and the content became increasingly effective. The goals set by Agropur were achieved and even surpassed primarily because the experts at Prospek developed a content strategy based on the brand's social DNA. The content strategy has been efficient and effective because it integrates the brand’s personality, conveys its values, defines the target audience and expresses the brand both visually and in its editorial tone.

Thanks to a collaborative approach, the iÖGO and nanö brands were quickly able to coexist on social media, each of them affirming their own personality.

« It’s a privilege to be able to work on bold Canadian brands like iÖGO and nanö. Finding fun ways to talk about these products and encouraging communities to interact with us is a challenge I enjoy every day! »

Marie-Catherine Roberge, social media specialist

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