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Over 100 English lessons online

In an industry where competitors are many, it can be a real challenge to position oneself in organic search results. As each search for English courses represents a potential new student, Prospek implemented an innovative campaign to generate more organic traction and enhance the content offered on the Institut’s website.

We proposed a content creation campaign focused on producing a number of English lessons specifically written to correspond to themes found in long tail keyword searches. The lessons offer high-quality content not only to prospects interested in the Institut’s offer, but also to whomever wishes to discover English. Plus, we added convenience: the lessons are compact enough that the language can be learned either at home or on the go.

Relevant categories

To motivate readers, the English lessons cover common language themes that learners usually want to master, like work and travel, plus they offer solutions to common pitfalls learners want to overcome.

While keeping to short, simple language that’s easy to understand, these lessons maintain an accent on the fundamentals of everyday conversations with English speakers. In short, they are designed to be relevant to learners’ real needs.

Inspiring interest with video

In addition to stimulating organic traffic, a paid campaign on YouTube was launched to create visibility opportunities for the English lessons, specifically to generate visits and possibly shares. The campaign promoted bite-size 5-second video quizzes.

Each video asks the visitor to translate an expression. First, a few seconds are left to think it over, then the visitor is invited to discover the answer on the Institut’s website. The objective of the quiz is thus to generate curiosity that brings the target audiences over to the website. On arriving at the corresponding article, a version of the video with answers enhances the detailed lesson.

A new source of organic traffic

Thanks to the content creation campaign, the Institut Linguistique’s site saw the sources of its traffic diversify. Several lessons started to get positioned advantageously in the search results related to learning English. These generated a significant increase in organic traffic composed of visitors interested in learning English. Since January 2018, the English lessons have generated over 5,500 new organic visits (where the lessons were the entry point to the site).

To date, the key performance indicators have been very positive:
  • 100 lessons created since 2018
  • Over 5,000 visits via organic entries
  • Over 60,000 page views

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