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Infopresse Jobs

Notoriety campaign

As a key resource and the standard-bearer of news and career advice for communications professionals, Infopresse is, if not the lead actor, among the top players in the industry. When we were given the assignment to create the first campaign for the Jobs division of the media group, we felt honoured and promised ourselves, in addition to quickly increasing sales of job listings, to impress our client and enjoy ourselves in a smart way.

We went to work on creating a campaign to raise awareness of The project was to be launched in several forms: interactive media (using a remarketing strategy), print media (for the annual Guide Com) and newsletter (for all Infopresse readers). We wanted to stick to the "black on white" brand image: professional, no frills and above all, well-established. For the creative side, we opted for an advertising style that conveyed the tone of a leader worthy of the client’s attention. The result: titles that the target and only the target can decode. After all, advertising to communications professionals should be clever. Unlike some competitors of InfopresseJobs, we would not present inferior advertising to advertisers.

The lines evoke the main benefit to InfopresseJobs users: access to the most promising talent in the industry. The proof is expressed through coded and exclusive messages. If you don’t understand the titles, don’t worry! The target understands them very well, and this is what ensured the success of the campaign and gave ad sales a big boost.

This integrated project was exciting, well-planned and consistent with a recognized brand, where messages and media complement and enrich each other around a simple, friendly and precisely targeted concept.

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