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Advertising creation
Media planning and management

Greater Saint-Hyacinthe region

Communication campaign

Building on a new and innovative brand image that had already been deployed locally, the greater Saint-Hyacinthe region called on Prospek to expand its reach through interactive communications. It was clear that we needed to set ourselves apart from the competition by proposing a creative, engaging campaign that would draw the interest of a wide audience: young families, business people, students and tourists.

Because at Prospek we're always up for a challenge, we dove head-first into the project, focusing our efforts on the strengths of the local brand image campaign. The challenge? Adopt the innovative and original tone associated with this campaign in a bold way, while ensuring the message would remain accessible and targeted.

The tone of this French-language campaign was defined by a unique and specific trio of terms:

  • Hyperactive: Demonstrate the dynamism of the region
  • Paradoxale: Focus on the complementarity of the rural and urban aspects of the region
  • Idéaliste: Inspire through the positive outlook that prevails for a prosperous future

To date, only the first component of the campaign has been rolled out, and the results are already very promising:

  • 7,838,128 impressions delivered (5,007,816 estimated)
  • 7,523 visits to the page:

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