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Graphic design

Garde Côte

Raw and Grilled

The Mandate

When the chef-owner came to us with the concept of a unique seafood steakhouse experience with a specialty in dry-aged fish, our challenge was to develop an inspiring identity that would precisely reflect this distinctive new establishment. The creative team had to take into account the ingenious, refined cuisine that brings together innovative and traditional flavours as well as the existing restaurant space and decor to create both visual consistency and a harmonious transition.

The Solution

The new brand name was designed to evoke the worlds explored in the kitchen where the sea and land come together. First of all, the “Garde-côte” name anchors the establishment in the neighbourhood, as it echoes the name of its neighbour across the street: the “Garde côtière Canadienne”, or Canadian Coast Guard. Secondly, the name stakes out the establishment’s territory as a seafood steakhouse, as it contains a subtle nod to the process of aging fish – “garde” - and to cuts of meat - “côte”. Meanwhile, the logo was designed to reflect the cuisine’s elegance and delicacy, with curved lines inspired by both ripples of light on a water surface and the delicate texture of the fish the establishment serves to add a touch of sophistication. Finally, a classic font was chosen to reinforce the brand’s refined side.

The Result

The Garde-côte’s visual identity is a delicate mix of treasures of the sea and tantalizing elements that get across the experience of dining on savoury dishes. A fish-scale design that also recalls fishing nets symbolizes the authenticity of the restaurant’s cuisine and the rich dishes. The colours we chose, ranging from cream and pearl to tobacco and gold with touches of navy, establish the overall elegance and sophistication of the visual identity. In the end, the close collaboration between the creative team and the Ikanos chef made the creative quest for a new brand identity and logo a great success. With a visual identity that’s as unique as its offer, Garde-côte is ready to conquer new culinary horizons and please even the most demanding palettes.

Constant Mentzas, the chef-owner of Ikanos, a restaurant that’s been based on McGill Street in Old Montreal for over 10 years, recently launched a daring new culinary project. With an innovative vision centered around dry-aged, raw and grilled fish, the chef turned to our creative team to bring alive the evolution of his new restaurant concept. One of the key aspects of this transformation was the creation of a new brand identity and distinctive logo.

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