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Strategic planning
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Strategic planning for the Castelnau project

DevMcGill is a widely respected real estate developer with vast experience in its industry. Offering exceptional living spaces, the company is known for revitalizing neighbourhoods where it undertakes its projects and contributing to the city’s architectural heritage.

Prospek was mandated to conduct a strategic planning exercise for the Castelnau project. The resulting action plan included, among others, the production of landing pages, two video clips, an indoor poster campaign and the management of paid indexing campaigns. Prospek generated excellent results, bringing down the cost per acquisition on the AdWords network by almost 40%.

An in-depth analysis of the market and the Castelnau project itself enabled the implementation of these fully integrated tools, which focused on both brand management and prospective buyer behaviour. The result: more than 700 qualified leads were added to the DevMcGill database over a six-month period.

“Deploying an integrated campaign is an intellectually invigorating exercise. Taking a methodical approach to tactics that reflect the client’s objectives and seeing our efforts lead to actual sales is the ultimate reward for any strategist.”

Vincent Marceau, digital strategist

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