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Notoriety campaign for the “Auto-mobile” service

Highly respected in Quebec, Communauto hired Prospek to promote Auto-mobile, its new no-reservation carsharing service. Building on its reputation and high profile, Communauto was seeking to strengthen its brand and advertise Auto-mobile via a poster campaign across the BIXI network.

Delighted to be working with a local company recognized as a North American carsharing pioneer, we conducted a brainstorming session that focused on the communications to date while targeting the innovative impact of the new service. We recommended a series of posters with a fresh, colourful approach that was a perfect fit with the spring launch of the campaign.

We leveraged the key consumer advantage of the new option: because the carsharing service is commitment-free, clients retain their independence. The campaign was therefore built around a strong message – freedom. Using word play such as "Free Union", "Free Rein", and "Clear Conscience", we drew attention to all that Auto-mobile offers. The idea was to create a friendly bond between the product and target audience. The element of surprise also proved a huge success!

« Our thanks go to Communauto for their confidence in us! We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and are proud to see that the campaign's concept has since been deployed across all of the brand's communication channels. »

Emmanuel Bégin, partner and creative director

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