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Photography, video and motion design

Collège international des Marcellines

Production vidéo

The CIM has many strengths, namely: its expertise teaching languages, its openness to the world, its cultural diversity and the international opportunities it offers students to travel and study abroad. All the curricula is enriched, whatever the program of study. We wanted to demonstrate the quality that underpins the reputation of this institution. The message had to be unequivocal, but unpretentious. To accomplish this task, we decided to use the college's most precious resource -- its students!

To present the trilingual double DEC program in the natural or social sciences, Prospek produced a video featuring CIM students and a quotation from philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein: "The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." We combined students with the quotation in a warm, bright and welcoming scenario that reflects the college's atmosphere.

Learning another language is useful for more than just travelling. It enriches our own cultural identity, helps build friendships, and encourages understanding, sharing and discovery. But knowing another language also opens doors professionally, at home and abroad, and it fosters the kind of brilliant, cultivated and happy youth that every society strives for. This is why we created a very simple video that exudes the values and generosity behind this prestigious learning program.

This video was proudly received by the administration, teaching staff and students alike. It was posted on the home page of the CIM website, as well as on the CIM Facebook page, to promote the trilingual double DEC program offered by this world-class Quebec learning institution.

« In general, I love the challenges posed by video. The obligation to express key values and messages in under a minute can be daunting, but necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes. »

Kim Neill, graphic designer

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