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Association des firmes de génie-conseil Québec

New name identity and brand image

Formerly known as the AICQ, the Association des firmes de génie-conseil – Québec (AFG) was seeking to adopt a new brand, in name and logo, in order to reposition the organization, strengthen its credibility and reinforce the important partnership role played by consulting engineering firms in the sustainable socioeconomic development of Quebec.

The new AFG logo reflects solidity, and its simple geometric design will ensure its durability. The square around the acronym represents a window on the future. It also acts as a frame, evoking the concept of protection and pride. The blue shade, chosen to represent Quebec, also stands for trust, loyalty and intelligence.

In addition, Prospek, in collaboration with Taschereau Relation Publiques, introduced Perspective, a blog by the Association’s president and CEO, André Rainville. The blog was created to share the issues, positions and achievements of Quebec’s consulting engineering firms.

Through subscriptions to its newsletter and the automation of its mailings, afg is enjoying increased visibility among readers. The numbers don’t lie: with an average opening rate of 53.8% and an average click-through rate of 23.2%, the campaigns are significantly outperforming the industry average (17.8% opening rate and 2.9% click-through rate).

« “There’s nothing more stimulating than working on a project where political issues help drive an organization’s repositioning efforts!»

Emmanuel Bégin, associé et directeur de création

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