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Marketing communications plan
Web redesign strategy
Photography, video and motion design

André Filion et associés

Communication campaign

When we learned we’d have the chance to take a 360-degree approach to a mandate, it was music to our ears! Our methodology begins with a strategic brainstorming exercise and the subsequent production of a communication plan. This in turn enhances our ability to guide our clients in successfully meeting their business objectives.

The mandate entrusted to us by André Filion & Associates (AFA) was to increase the firm’s visibility and improve its corporate image by showcasing its expertise, boldness and the human aspect of its service. In doing so, it was aiming to reinforce its recruitment of high-quality consultants, increase its revenues, and lay the groundwork for its 30th anniversary celebrations.

Working closely with a specialized team from AFA, we defined the elements that needed updating in order for it to meet these goals. Today, we present the brand initiative undertaken as well as the new website developed for this firm of organizational psychology and career management experts.

« In reworking the brand, we sought to emphasize the passion and dynamism of AFA’s professionals. Simplicity, solidity, sincerity and timelessness: these aspects were the focus of our team throughout the creative process. »

Emmanuel Bégin, partner and creative director

The website

The AFA website is anchored on four key pillars: solidity, simplicity, sincerity and timelessness. Because collaboration and the human approach are at the heart of the organization’s activities, eye-catching photos and a video on the home page greet the visitor to draw attention to these values. The contour lines that accentuate each section reinforce the notion of the firm’s steadfast guidance and integrated offer. The predominant red speaks to the passion and dynamism of AFA and creates a balanced contrast with the other colours of the palette.

André Filion & Associates is comprised of some 60 highly-skilled professionals. To illustrate the broad scope of their expertise, the website randomly displays the profile of an AFA consultant, with the entire team presented in the right-hand search bar, which is visible at all times.

Finally, as it was imperative that the full spectrum of information be accessible across all platforms, we designed a totally adaptive website.

« This was a thoroughly rewarding experience! The client’s trust and generous collaboration enabled us to work together as a true team. »

Isabel Bazinet, director, project management office

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