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Web redesign strategy
Graphic design

Addiction prevention centre

New website for the « Apte » program

The Addiction Prevention Centre (APC) is a non-profit organization with a mission to increase awareness of issues related to alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs, tobacco, gambling, Internet addiction, etc. among organizations, Quebecers and people across Canada.

The APC called on Prospek to promote “Apt”, its integrated prevention strategy. To do so, we created a website to showcase each workshop in the program. We also revisited the graphic identity of the website to align it with the organization’s rebranding efforts.

The artistic direction to take was clear: it had to be centered around young people, because they are at the heart of the Apt integrative strategy. The design and choice of images, which reflect this aspect of the mission, are therefore honest, authentic, and grounded.

« It’s very motivating to work with an organization that has such a beautiful mission! »

Charlotte Leblanc, art director

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