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Discoveries big and small

Ideas in short

Eleven Labs

La révolution du doublage vocal grâce à l'IA

Google et l’AI

Un générateur d'images pour rivaliser avec Bing et ChatGPT

Là où il y a du lait, il y a des Oréo

La méthode ingénieuse de la marque pour diffuser des offres pour ses biscuits.

Slack features

Practical options to improve your daily use

Generation Z

How does it consume advertising?

Amazon and generative AI

A new feature to summarize product reviews

Search engine

Mathieu Dugal has the answer to your question

Projet Iphone R

September is the month of new Apple products, but do you know the iPhone R?

Appreciate and enjoy the creative process

How to take advantage of the creative process without too much internal torture and relentlessness.

A brilliant commercial

When you can't afford the headliner...

Chrome Extensions

Tools that can make a big difference in productivity!


The all-powerful search engine to refine the precision of results.

Brave Browser

Combine respect for privacy and reward users for voluntary exposure to advertising.

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